About Us

Welcome to our world of Brand ID


Brand ID is a brand development house based in Cape Town, South Africa. We focus on igniting sustainable and long term momentum for brands in the South African and Sub Saharan African markets. We are complimented by an operational framework that allows us to drive brands beyond just the South African borders. We engage with brands in which we see a unique proposition that preserves heritage, yet adapts to the changing world.

Our business is driven through the hearts of an authentic, energetic workforce who execute business functions with our unique company ethos in mind. Our culture is driven by innovation, passion, integrity, aspiration and an authentic nature!

We ignite brands in our market through our network of retail points – both owned and third party – allowing us to bring brands to market in a way that ensures we position our brands in the hearts and minds of our consumers.

Being owned by a public listed company provides an infrastructure of financial and operational support, which ensures absolute adherence to corporate governance and business principles. Our family of brands is represented clearly between a Lifestyle and Sports Portfolio. Through our portfolios we have the ability to offer best in class products across multiple market segments within the Sport, Lifestyle and Fashion markets.

Our Lifestyle portfolio varies across fashion disciplines but dominant in menswear. Our trusted reliance as a brand partner for our territory has created a reputation of absolute adherence to the ethics and integrity of global brands including the iconic 466/64 fashion brand, the only commercial partnership officially supported to help preserve the legacy of Mr Nelson Mandela.

Our Sports portfolio has been strategically developed to build our representation within all major sporting codes and we are proud to have our brands represented on track, field and water across most sporting disciplines. We dominate the water with the iconic Speedo brand, lead through the heritage of rugby with Canterbury and are privileged to have rich heritage brands such as Dunlop and Slazenger in our portfolio. These are but a few of the strong trusted technical sports brands we nurture within our business.